Fortune Cookie Fridays 2015

'Let's not speak of peace as if it's just a pipe dream' ~John Banrock - December, 25, 2015

'Perfectionism is a way of life, albeit not a frequently joyous one' ~John Banrock - December, 18, 2015

'Innocence will never make us bulletproof' ~John Banrock - December, 11, 2015
"100th original quote of the series!"

'Technological advance' is not synonymous with 'higher quality of life'' ~John Banrock - December, 4, 2015

'A deficiency of love brings with it great sorrow' ~John Banrock - November, 27, 2015
"Fortune Cookie Friday post # 100!"

'For some, the past is yet to come' ~John Banrock - November, 20, 2015

'Religion has evaporated because materialism leaves no time to contemplate existence' ~John Banrock - November, 13, 2015

'Gravitate toward those worthy of being gravitated to' ~John Banrock - November, 6, 2015

'Kakistocracy was never what the founding fathers intended' ~John Banrock - October, 30, 2015

'Always be yourself. Unless you're a douchebag. Then be somebody else' ~John Banrock - October, 23, 2015

'Some days happiness just seems like contrived Hollywood bullshit' ~John Banrock - October, 16, 2015

'Isn't it just easier to be nice than it is to just pretend to be nice?' ~John Banrock - October, 9, 2015
'It is foolish to beg for what is not needed' ~John Banrock - October, 2, 2015
'Are we naive to believe that stepping in a pile of turd is good luck?' ~John Banrock - September, 25, 2015

'What is achieved by making someone feel small who is kind and generous?' ~John Banrock - September, 18, 2015

'It is difficult to find happiness when you know not what you seek' ~John Banrock - September, 11, 2015

'This world is in great need of patience' ~John Banrock - September 4, 2015

'Knowing you're going to forget can be tough to accept' ~John Banrock - August 28, 2015

'If you don't put contaminated fuel in your car, why put it in your body?' ~John Banrock - August, 21, 2015

'The day you know everything is the day you stop growing' ~John Banrock - August, 14, 2015

'Pursue the dreams that are most true to your being' ~John Banrock - August, 7, 2015

'Approaching a problem with a clenched fist may result in a bloody lip' ~John Banrock - July, 31, 2015

'Help is on the way for those who help others' ~John Banrock - July, 24, 2015

'The possibility of love is one of life's greatest motivators' ~John Banrock - July, 17, 2015

'The true light of your life is not the kind that blinds' ~John Banrock - July, 10, 2015

'The foundation of greatness is vision' ~John Banrock - July, 3, 2015
'These days, many people cannot distinguish luxury from necessity' ~John Banrock - June, 26, 2015

'A life without music is a lonely life indeed' ~John Banrock - June, 19, 2015

'Sometimes laziness provides excellent motivation to fix an inefficient process' ~John Banrock - June, 12, 2015

'Your exact plan for life will not happen. Be adaptable' ~John Banrock - June, 5, 2015

'Folks are no longer robbed by fountain pens. Now it's click-through agreements' ~John Banrock - May, 29, 2015

'You will not become skilled by just wishing it so' ~John Banrock - May, 22, 2015

'There is always an exit ramp available from the low road' ~John Banrock - May, 15, 2015

'Brush aside obstacles to happiness with strokes of optimism' ~John Banrock - May, 8, 2015

'The truth is as solid as oak' ~John Banrock - May, 1, 2015

'With nothing new, all is old' ~John Banrock - April, 24, 2015

'Even the tiniest of lights can illuminate much that exists in darkness' ~John Banrock - April, 17, 2015

'Everything is possible. Look to the future with hope and joy' ~John Banrock - April, 10, 2015

'The sacrifice of many begins with the sacrifice of one' ~John Banrock - April, 3, 2015
'Rivers and forests were not gifts meant to be destroyed' ~John Banrock - March, 27, 2015

'Differences in beliefs should not lead to hatred' ~John Banrock - March, 20, 2015

'There are times to stand tall and there are times to bow low' ~John Banrock - March, 13, 2015

'You cannot expect to rely on others if no one can rely on you' ~John Banrock - March, 6, 2015

'Success obtained entirely by luck provides no satisfaction' ~John Banrock - February, 27, 2015

'Consume less. Work less. Enjoy more.' ~John Banrock - February, 20, 2015

'Salvation trumps life on the throne' ~John Banrock - February, 13, 2015

'The act of forgiveness is too often delayed by selfishness' ~John Banrock - February, 6, 2015

'The life of a perfectionist is often overwrought with imperfection' ~John Banrock - January, 30, 2015

'Even the mighty eagle must eventually touch the ground' ~John Banrock - January, 23, 2015

'Might dreams of fame and fortune actually be nightmares?' ~John Banrock - January, 16, 2015

'Today is as good a day as any to break the habit of being an asshole' ~John Banrock - January, 9, 2015

'Even thunder is quiet in chaos' ~John Banrock - January, 2, 2015