I Saw Santa

When I was fast asleep on Christmas Eve         D7
Dreaming of presents I hoped to receive           G
I awoke to hear footsteps on the roof                  D7
So I grabbed my camera to get some proof       G

I ran downstairs and headed to the door           D7
So I could get a picture just to be sure               G
Then I heard a noise and to my surprise           D7
I saw Santa standing before my eyes                G

He was eating the cookie that I left for him                D7
But it was hard to see ‘cause the lights were dim    G
I knew I only had one shot to take           D7
To prove to the world he was not a fake                    G

As I crept a little closer and got near           Bm, G
I swear I could smell the scent of reindeer                 Bm, G
I lifted my camera to point and shoot           Bm, G
But I must have banged something with my boot     Bm, G

‘cause when I looked through the lens to take aim      D7
I didn’t believe what I saw in frame                G
Santa Claus was looking right back at me           D7
And I got dizzy when he winked at me           G

I was so distraught that I lost my grip                   D7
And my camera fell and bounced off my hip       G
I finally found it under the tree                   D7
But by then in the room it was only me    G

I ran outside and was hoping to see           D7
Santa Claus climbing out of my chimney           G
But he was already far out of sight           D7
As I stood there alone on that winter night                    G

I often think of how close I came           Bm, G
To getting that picture and all the fame          Bm, G
‘Cause no one believes me when I say          Bm, G
That I saw Santa on that Christmas day          F#m, G, D7

Words & Music by John Banrock
Copyright © 2011 by Banrock Music