Let’s Save The Sharks

Let’s save the sharks and stop the trade of fins
what we got now ain’t no protection
gotta do the right thing, stop a mass extinction
while we still got sharks to save
while we still got sharks to save

found in pricey makeup, found in fancy lotions
oil of the liver of the shark
but worst is the soup that’s doin’ all the damage
ain’t it such a sin
don’t eat that soup of fin

they’re hurled back in the ocean, can’t survive with no fins
killers of the shark
they do it all for profit and don’t think we can stop it
but we’re gonna save those sharks
gonna save the sharks


do it for the blue shark, do it for the thresher
let’s save the great hammerhead
do it for the bull shark, do it for the white-tip
let’s save the tiger shark
let’s save the tiger shark           

gotta cut the long lines, gotta cut the nets down
bycatch is killin’ sharks
gotta do it now so we can save the oceans
gotta save the sharks
let’s save the sharks


Words & Music by John Banrock
Copyright © 2017 Banrock Music
All Rights Reserved

Let's Save The Sharks (Home Recording)

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