The New Self-Titled Album Has Arrived

Every album is a long journey. The writing, the recording, the mixing, the mastering, the album design and the constant evaluations and re-evaluations all take significant time and energy. But at the end there is always a great deal of satisfaction. I'm happy to announce the completion of my new self-titled album.  

The new album features guest artists Laura Bowman, Chaucer Gilmore Copperfield Esq. IV, Fred Gillen Jr., Leo Harmonay, Claudia Jacques, Lou Torrieri, Alex Varga and Lawrence Weber.  Their contributions help make this an album I'm truly proud of! And I think it's my best album yet.

You can get your copy here.  I sincerely thank you for supporting independent music!

*Note that this album is available exclusively on and will NOT be available on streaming sites for the foreseeable future

"No One Held Her Heart" (Live)

A live version of a song from the new album.  Performed with Laura Bowman and Leo Harmonay.

"No One Held Her Heart" lyrics

"Album Night" 100!

"Album Night" is still going strong!  Thanks to all who joined the June 24 edition featuring With A Little Help From My Friends by Joe Cocker.   "Album Night" will return on July 8 at 9pm EDT with Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs by Derek & The Dominos. It will be the 100th album of the series! I invite you to join for this momentous occasion!  You can learn more here.

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