John Banrock Professional Recording Credits

The following parts were performed, created, etc by John Banrock


The Trike by The Trike

EP released Friday March 3, 2023

For all tracks:

Bass, synthesizer and organ.
Co-produced with Fred Gillen Jr. and Paul JM.
Mastered with Fred Gillen Jr.

Mixed tracks 7 - 12

Backing vocals on both versions of "Don't Die", "Kathmandu", "Mama's Boy", "Dirt" and "Ghosts". 

Intro lead guitar on both versions of  "Mama's Boy"

Writer of "Mama's Boy"


The Light of Time by Leo Harmonay

EP Released December 22, 2021  

2. "What Happened To The Year" (Remix)

Electric piano 
Backing vocals 
Church bells

3. "Christmas Time is Here"


What Happened To The Year by Leo Harmonay

Single Released December 23, 2020 

Electric piano
Backing vocals
Church bells

Turn Off The Lights by Fred Gillen Jr.

EP released December 11, 2020  

1. "Turn Off the Lights"  

7. "Banana Republic of America"