Discursive Reflections

The moonlight shines on the darkened street
Soaking up the daily rush
The violin drags its saddened sound
Just another tear in my mind

Statues of bigotry stand in the crowd
A symbol of yesterday's game
Thunder in the night echoes endlessly
I lost what captured my eye

Smoke emerges from the underworld
The hate that left the ground
A flash of light, the sun's reborn
My mind's gone blank again

A collection a fears in the afternoon
The broadened sphere that conquers all
The sky melts from muddy blue to bloody pink
I spoke with wisdom's mistress

Chaos in the children's park
The killer swims through the crowd
War and peace what do they mean
The shadow of my heart

Music by Lawrence Weber
Words by John Banrock
Copyright © 2013 by Banrock Music