Fionna, yeah Fionna
I left my wheedling behind, when I felt the pull of your vim
Oh Fiona, I’m just too maudlin
You calmed the maelstrom that was dragging me down
Oh Fionna, oh Fionna

But I cannot find you again

Oh Fionna, oh Fionna
I’m forlorn and drinking and wishing you here
Oh Fionna, yeah Fionna
I maunder and weep as I call out your name
Oh Fionna, supernal Fionna

I know I’ve been wrong before

But Fionna, I thought it was kismet
Well this old wizened soul is still aching for you
Oh Fionna, supernal Fionna
The absence of you so enervates me
Oh Fionna, oneiric Fionna

Oh Fionna, I whisper sub rosa
Your spirit still owns a piece of my heart
Oh Fionna, supernal Fionna
Well the echo of love still fucks with my head
Oh Fionna, supernal Fionna

I’ll never find joy in my life sans Fionna


Words & Music by John Banrock
Copyright © 2017 Banrock Music
All Rights Reserved