I Had a Dream

I dreamt of your forgotten touch
The way you made me feel between momentary lapses of pleasure
Have you seen me lately 
Running through your mind
Scared like I always was

I haven't forgot those times when we used to look at the stars wondering which ones we were
It's sad to say we'll never have those times back
Pretending to sleep when your roommate came back 
Though we were both naked

We'll never get hot and sweaty again
Sometimes when I do I pretend she's you and you're her 
And I'm not selfish

If you die before I wake 
Can you ask the lord to take my life and put me there, there with you
And he can take my mind 
And put it where I cannot find
My indecisiveness - death to us both

Words & Music by John Banrock
Copyright © 2013 by Banrock Music