Mama Didn't Want Her Baby

mama never had a rest, struggling 9 to 9             
six days a week on LeRoy St, working the assembly line      
but mama was never lonely, bouncing from man to man     
until she got the news, she was on the nine month plan     

“how can I bring a child into this world of hate?”          
mama wondered to herself as she pondered her own fate 
“and how can I raise I child, when I’m living day to day?”  
mama could never see the bright side of the rainy days      

daddy said he’d stay beside her, the last time that they met     
but the fear she saw behind his eyes she never could forget      
mama’s independence, said true love is not for me          
‘cause it’s too hard to trust someone when you’re striving to be free 

mama said she wanted freedom, but she couldn’t find the dough 
and when she finally saved enough it was too late to say no     
and mama was having nightmares, didn’t know if she would last 
‘cause she was scared what life would bring when she let go of her past 

on the day when he arrived she couldn’t find the strength 
but buried in her will to live was born significance     
‘cause mama was just a dreamer, never longed to be a mom 
but sometimes life can deal the hand you just need to carry on 

Mama didn't want her baby 'till she held him in her arms 
Mama didn't want her baby 'till she felt his beating heart 
mama aren't you glad, mama aren't you glad     
mama aren't you glad, mama aren't you glad      
mama aren't you glad that you didn't, kill your son

Words & Music by John Banrock
Copyright © 2019 Banrock Music
All Rights Reserved