Ode to My Unicorn

Unicorn you have a horn on top of your head     
Some may think that your extinct but I know our my best friend 
Some may say there’s no such thing as a unicorn          
So when I bring you to them you can stick them with your horn  

I ride you around the backyard and you take me to the bar  
As long as you stay with me I’ll never need a car     
Your soft white coat that you wear is the best I’ve ever seen  
I’ll never forget that time you drank that whole bottle of Jim Beam  

I love you my unicorn you make me happy as can be  
I hope I make you happy so you can return your love to me  

Unicorn, unicorn uni uni corn 
Unicorn, unicorn uni uni corn 

Unicorn you taught me how to live a noble life  
I just can’t wait any longer for you to become my wife
Unicorn I love your wisdom and your charm      
I’ll never let the circus take you or do you any harm  

Unicorn, unicorn uni uni corn 
Unicorn, unicorn uni uni corn 


PRIEST – John Banrock, do you take this unicorn to be your lawfully wedded wife in sickness and in health? 


PRIEST - And Unicorn, do you take John Banrock to be your fictional rock star husband in sickness and in health? 

UNICORN – {whinny} 
PRIEST - Are you sure? 
UNICORN - {whinny} 
PRIEST - Positive? 
UNICORN - {whinny} 

PRIEST - Very well then.  By the power vested in me I now pronounce you man and unicorn.  You may kiss the unicorn. 

FRIEND OF BANROCK - John wake up.  It’s just a dream… 


So unicorn know that it won’t be long          
Before I’m sitting by your side singing you this song 

Words by Chaucer Gilmore Copperfield Esquire IV and Sir Gulliver Mitchell
Music by Sir Gulliver Mitchell

Copyright © 1999 Banrock Music
All Rights Reserved