The Cold Wind

You hanged love as though it murdered your father 
Despite forgiveness from the valentine of death 
Beside wrinkles worn from pain you only saw shadows 
Then joy that followed felt hollow yet strong 
Semblance of stupor crippled the future 

Then it was London and blackness and riches 
Your story was whispered by strangers and wisemen 
Searching the world was the long way ‘round 
The answers shared your journey and returned with your blindness 

Death sought an answer, life sought a breather 
Courage was lonely, but courage was wise 
Courage was courage 
Courage defines you, courage defines you 

Raindrop of sorrow 
Sunshine of sorrow 
The cold wind rustles up the leaves where you once lived

Words & Music by John Banrock
Copyright © 2020 Banrock Music
All Rights Reserved