Up Too Late

In complete disarray I awoke in the morn
The night dismissed, slid into dawn
Worn clothes remind me of yesterday’s joint
Even honest Abe wouldn’t have missed that point

Memories of you lost in my wine
I wish you were..., I wish you were mine
Takes a woman like you to really turn my eyes
I wish there were more hellos and less goodbyes

You drifted to me through a bad news friend
I turned the other cheek and watched your beauty descend
It didn’t amount to what I often dream of
But to know your smile and watch you move was almost enough

I never looked twice, honestly
But I still dig it, that photo you took for me
Now I understand, but painfully
When you walk down the aisle where will I be?

Words by John Banrock & Francis Corsaro
Music by John Banrock
Copyright © 2013 by Banrock Music