Went to Prague

Went to Prague to visit Lenka
She works for Citibanka
And when I forgot to thank her
She called me a bloody wanker

She bragged about her country's beer consumption
But I was there to prove them all something
They better forget about their presumption
That an American can't drink 20 beers and still function

All I could say was "do prdele"
When they caught me drinking a Stella
But me you don't have to tella
That they were mad as hella

It was Honza who taught me to say
When I'm drinking "kalíme"
And for my cab he did pay
Though I know I could have walked home anyway

Lenka had hired us a car
But that next morning I didn't make it too far
Maybe if I hadn't drank so much at the bar
Lenka's credit card would not have been charged

We got so pissed
That even my idiocy was dismissed
But I still do insist
That the tunnel is easily missed

So now I raise my beer and say “na zdravi”
To my friends who welcomed me
But for them, unfortunately
They ain't seen the last of me......

Words & Music by John Banrock
Copyright © 2013 by Banrock Music