With That Special Time of Year

It’s said that Christmas is only for the kids           D, Em7, F#m7, B7
But grown-ups bask in their joy           G, A, D
When you’re shopping and wrapping up their gifts          D, Em7, F#m7, B7
You wish that you were still a child           G, A, D

When all the kids have grown           Bm, D
And you feel so all alone           Bm, D
Know that with Christmas comes merriness       G, A, D, G
And everyone makes it what it is           G, F#m7, D

And with that special time of year           D, Em7, F#m7, B7
There sometimes comes a bit of pain                     G, A, D
But when you see those smiles and the glee        D, Em7, F#m7, B7
A ray of hope comes shining through           G, A, D

Words & Music by John Banrock
Copyright © 2011 by Banrock Music