Welcome to "Album Night" 2015!

Here's a few of changes/ improvements for "Album Night" as we begin the new year:

1. "Album Night" will now take place exclusively here on www.johnbanrock.com/album-night.  The facebook version will no longer exist.  This should help generate a more lively conversation and environment by directing everyone to the same location.

2. "Album Night" will have a new start time of 8:30pm ET. (please note that his is no longer true. "Album Night" has moved back to a start time of 9pm ET)

3. There will now be voting on the main "Album Night" page after each event. Vote thumbs up or thumbs down for each album after we listen

Thank you to all who put forth new and interesting ideas to help usher in a new and improved "Album Night" for 2015!  And thanks to all who voted for their favorite album of the 2014 series.  There poll ended in a tie between:

'The Doors' by The Doors
'Have Moicy!' by Michael Hurley, The Unholy Modal Rounders, Jeffrey Frederick & The Clamtones

Both are great albums to be sure! I know I definitely enjoyed them immensely.

Happy New Year! I look forward to listening to more great music with all of you this year!


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