Fortune Cookie Fridays 2014

'When the doors of heaven open, anxiety will exist amongst the wicked' ~John Banrock - December, 26, 2014

'To be understood is priceless' ~John Banrock - December, 19, 2014

'The internet can be the friend of enemies and the enemy of friends' ~John Banrock - December, 12, 2014

'The freedom of silence need not be forfeited unnecessarily' ~John Banrock - December, 5, 2014

'It's hard to catch sound with an open trap' ~John Banrock - November, 28, 2014

'The brilliance of democracy is dulled by the darkness of greed' ~John Banrock - November, 21, 2014

'Loneliness is not exclusive to those who are alone' ~John Banrock - November, 14, 2014

'Problems must be identified before they can be solved' ~John Banrock - November, 7, 2014

'Every moment of clarity is haunted by doubt' ~John Banrock - October, 31, 2014

'Repetition grooves the soul' ~John Banrock - October, 24, 2014

'Great tragedy lies within outliving your inner child' ~John Banrock - October, 17, 2014

'That which has been spoken cannot be unspoken' ~John Banrock - October, 10, 2014

'A long goodbye invites a warm hello' ~John Banrock - October, 3, 2014

'The great thing about love is it doesn't cost a damn thing' ~John Banrock - September, 26, 2014

'Failed dreams should not discourage new dreams' ~John Banrock - September, 19, 2014

'If allowed, fear will bully you' ~John Banrock - September, 12, 2014

'Sometimes doing a little bit of everything results in doing a whole lot of nothing' ~John Banrock - September, 5, 2014

'Relaxation is abundant in the simple life' ~John Banrock - August, 29, 2014

'Your enemies are not without feelings too' ~John Banrock - August, 22, 2014

'A surfeit of true love can never be' ~John Banrock - August, 15, 2014

'Be cautious not to become a puppet of those who seek to gain profit without regard for your well being' ~John Banrock - August, 8, 2014

'Don't crucify your mind with hate' ~John Banrock - August, 1, 2014

'Welcome each day you have with a smile' ~John Banrock - July, 25, 2014

'Beauty is available to those who open their eyes to it' ~John Banrock - July, 18, 2014

'Those who do not, do naught' ~John Banrock - July, 11, 2014

'Adventure starts with putting aside your fears' ~John Banrock - July, 4, 2014

'Correlation does not imply causation' ~a principle of statistics - June, 27, 2014

'Those who cannot find meaning in a simple bug's life will struggle to find meaning in their own' ~John Banrock - June, 20, 2014

'You will find true love on flag day' ~Homer Simpson - June, 13, 2014

'It is most wise to choose friends while blindfolded' ~John Banrock - June, 6, 2014

'Maybe the good old days were only good because you've erased the bad parts from your memory' ~John Banrock - May, 30, 2014

'The end is just a beginning' ~John Banrock - May, 23, 2014

'Shadows from the past will linger as long as you shine light upon them' ~John Banrock - May, 16, 2014

'The rewards of a lie are short-lived' ~John Banrock - May, 9, 2014

'A daily dose of forgiveness will ease a heavy heart' ~John Banrock - May, 2, 2014

'Apathy is a dance best left to the dead' ~John Banrock - April, 25, 2014

'True sacrifice is love without borders' ~John Banrock - April, 18, 2014

'Bewilderment adorns the uncouth' ~John Banrock - April, 11, 2014

'Rivers of sweat are born with the poor' ~John Banrock - April, 4, 2014

'The past of the future will come' ~John Banrock - March, 28, 2014

'Confusion is a long way from home' ~John Banrock - March, 21, 2014

'Sunshine is the elixir of the gods' ~John Banrock - March, 14, 2014

'The brilliance of justice will outshine the shadow of evil' ~John Banrock - March, 7, 2014

'One beer is good, but two are better' ~John Banrock - February, 28, 2014

'True laughter is always delivered with a smile' ~John Banrock - February, 21, 2014

'A smile is a hug
from afar
it prospers'
~John Banrock - February, 14, 2014

'All castles made of sand surrender to the wind' ~John Banrock - February, 7, 2014

'If kindness is love then love must be kindness' ~John Banrock - January, 31, 2014

'Sometimes when you reach for the stars you end up with your head in the clouds' ~John Banrock - January, 24, 2014

'A breath of fresh air is a breath of new life' ~John Banrock - January, 17, 2014

'No path to happiness is without obstacles' ~John Banrock - January, 10, 2014

"The mouth of the river is not the only entrance to the sea" ~ John Banrock - January, 3, 2014