Fortune Cookie Fridays 2016

'Self-sufficiency is not necessarily a badge of honor' ~John Banrock - December 30, 2016

'The absence of morality is visible in the hostility of humanity' ~John Banrock - December 23, 2016

'An open heart greeted with derision is an open heart no more' ~John Banrock - December 16, 2016

'Success is best measured by the smiles on the faces of those who surround you' ~John Banrock - December 9, 2016

'Let he who is honest be the trendsetter of tomorrow' ~John Banrock - December 2, 2016

'Remember only that which is deserving of remembrance' ~John Banrock - November 25, 2016

'Trying your hardest requires no practice or skill' ~John Banrock - November 18, 2016

'Dreams are the essence of hope' ~John Banrock - November 11, 2016

'What does the popularity of selfies say about the vanity of our society?' ~John Banrock - November 4, 2016

'Doing the right thing will often alienate you from those who do not seek the truth' ~John Banrock - October 28, 2016

'Philosophy is just philosophy until put into action' ~John Banrock - October 21, 2016

'Superior athletic skill alone does not a great person make' ~John Banrock - October 14, 2016

'The sign of the times must represent the will of someone' ~John Banrock - October 7, 2016

'A truepenny is the real gold standard' ~John Banrock - September 30, 2016

'You're only as cool as the music you listen to' ~John Banrock - September 23, 2016

'Those who are compassionate do not suppress freedom' ~John Banrock - September 16, 2016

'When your smile erodes, your character remains' ~John Banrock - September 9, 2016

'It’s not what’s written on your grave but rather what’s written in the hearts of those you leave behind'
~John Banrock - September 2, 2016

'Without fortitude we are nothing' ~John Banrock - August 26, 2016

'Something is amiss when it's become too hard to navigate society with a conscience' ~John Banrock - August 19, 2016

'Wake up America. We're being hornswoggled!' ~John Banrock - August 12, 2016

'Those who think with their heart avoid the temptation of greed' ~John Banrock - August 5, 2016

'Memories can fuck with your head if you let them' ~John Banrock - July 29, 2016

'Death has a loud way of talking' ~John Banrock - July 22, 2016

'The difference between today and tomorrow is the difference between hope and reality' ~John Banrock - July 15, 2016

'Don't let the sun shine without reason' ~John Banrock - July 8, 2016

'There will be days when life just seems like something to do while waiting around to die' ~John Banrock - July 1, 2016

'Peace is one of the many wonderful derivatives of love' ~John Banrock - June 24, 2016

'Are you actually funny if no one ever hears your jokes?' ~John Banrock - June 17, 2016

'If life weren't so fragile, it wouldn't be so precious' ~John Banrock - June 10, 2016

'No injustice exists for those who are poor due to their own laziness' ~John Banrock - June 3, 2016

'Poor people eat the fat while old money just chews it' ~John Banrock - May 27, 2016

'Being a hero in only one child's eyes is still being a hero' ~John Banrock - May 20, 2016

'Those who dig deepest find the most answers' ~John Banrock - May 13, 2016

'Forgiveness is a better healer than time' ~John Banrock - May 6, 2016

'Not everyone is going to love you. Accept it and move on' ~John Banrock - April 29, 2016

'Happiness cannot be forced. Rather, it must blossom from within' ~John Banrock - April 22, 2016

'What does it mean to be politically correct in a country whose political system is totally fubar?'
~John Banrock - April 15, 2016

'Many days 'dumbphone' seems a much more apt description...' ~John Banrock - April 8, 2016

'Where no man can lose, no man can win' ~John Banrock - April 1, 2016

'The meaning of life is not found on google, but rather within' ~John Banrock - March 25, 2016

'Draw a heart with a smile' ~John Banrock - March 18, 2016

'A liar amongst murderers is still a liar' ~John Banrock - March 11, 2016

'Technology does not insist that we no longer think for ourselves' ~John Banrock - March 4, 2016

'Hatred will not mend a broken heart' ~John Banrock - February 26, 2016

'Trading long-term success for short-term success is rarely a good idea' ~John Banrock - February 19, 2016

'The difference between selfish and selfless is far greater than just a few letters' ~John Banrock - February 12, 2016

'The age of wonder died with the arrival of the internet' ~John Banrock - February 5, 2016

'All rich men are not created equal' ~John Banrock - January 29, 2016

'It's not an argument if you don't listen to a word the other person says' ~John Banrock - January 22, 2016

'A metronome is a good practice tool, but not a good recording tool' ~John Banrock - January 15, 2016

'Compassion is the nemesis of hatred' ~John Banrock - January 8, 2016

'Yesterday happened.  Will tomorrow?  Embrace today!' ~John Banrock - January 1, 2016